Create Intricate Custom Architectural Detailing with Architectural Fiberglass

Creating Unique, Custom-Made Architectural Fiberglass Details

When designing a structure or adding architectural features to a building often the ability to add certain details may be limited by the type of material that is being used. Some building materials are just not flexible enough to be used to create complex details or intricate patterns. That’s where architectural fiberglass can make a difference. It is one of the most versatile building materials today, enabling the creation of unique, custom-made details that can make your structure truly stand out among the rest.

How Architectural Fiberglass Works

Architectural fiberglass is a type of reinforced plastic that contains various types of glass fibers. When combined, the product becomes very strong, yet very flexible. Architectural fiberglass is also very light in weight compared to other building materials.

This incredible combination of properties means that it is highly versatile, including being made to look like just about any other type of material like wood, stone, and concrete. Yet, it is easy to work with so that it can be handled, transported, and installed with ease.

Types of Architectural Details Possible with Architectural Fiberglass

The flexibility and lightweight feel of architectural fiberglass provides the ability to turn it into just about anything no matter how small the detail. Because the material is lightweight, it is easy to work with to create these details rather than worrying if the material will break or crumble during the design process. The plastic qualities in architectural fiberglass allow it to be completely moldable so that it can be made into any shape, including adding ribbing, contouring, curves or corrugation. It can be thick or thin as well as made into any size.

This makes it perfect for creating ornamental details, complex patterns, or intricate designs. These unique architectural configurations can be historic in nature or modern. The details can be added to all types of architectural features, including brackets, moldings, finials, cornices, columns, domes, copulas, crosses, fascia panels, balusters, louvers and sculptures just to name a few of the structural aspects that often feature these details.

Partnering with Stromberg Architectural

Stromberg Architectural has a team comprised of artisans, architects, and designers that understand how to create unique, custom architectural fiberglass details for your project. They use CAD and other technology-based solutions to provide renderings of the architectural fiberglass details as well as use molds and other models to ensure the details are just how you imagined. These master craftsmen have worked on architectural details on all types of buildings and applications so they have the skills to create even the most complex architectural details.

Free Estimates for Unique, Custom Architectural Fiberglass Details

The designers, architects, and artisans at Stromberg Architectural have worked on highly complex projects all over the world, creating some truly amazing architectural details for all types of applications. To learn more about how architectural fiberglass can provide you with a way to add truly unique details to your structure as well as to get a free estimate, please fill in our online contact form or call our experienced team at 903-454-0904.

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