Architectural Fiberglass Offers Custom Design Freedom

Designing Custom Shapes in Architectural Fiberglass

When it comes to versatility, architectural fiberglass tops the list of today’s materials because it can be molded and manufactured into any shape to create custom architectural products that you can use for a new construction project, reproduction projects, or historical restoration on a building. Here’s how we crate custom shapes in architectural fiberglass.

The Process for Creating Custom Shapes  

While we also have a significant number of stock molds that are used to create architectural products with architectural fiberglass, the majority of our work involves individual specialized projects that require complete customization. With such a flexible product like architectural fiberglass, we can deliver on specific customer needs rather than having them settle for a stock shape.

Whether it is on-site molding or molding created in a digital environment, we work closely with customers to ensure it is exactly what they expect, especially when there are complex decorative elements involved in the custom shape. Shop and CAD drawings are often used to create a custom mold that is carved and shaped to create that exact look for customers.

Various types of flexible molds can be used, depending on the complexity of the shape and design. A rubber mold often helps to ensure that all the decorative elements are transferred over to the architectural fiberglass. These molds then help to fabricate the custom shape from an original pattern down to the smallest detail and in any size imaginable.

Offering custom shapes made from architectural fiberglass provide solutions for all types of custom architectural elements, including pilasters, moldings, sculptures, columns, domes, cupolas, crosses, finials and louvers as well as numerous other types of products.

The ability to customize these shapes in architectural fiberglass is not expensive and provides the most effective way to create or reproduce many of these elements rather than to hand carve or shape other types of materials.

The Advantages of Working with Stromberg Architectural

Stromberg Architectural provides many reasons why they make a great partner when you need custom shapes for a construction or restoration project:

  • A team of seasoned experts with experience in the fields of architecture, construction, engineering and design who have worked on a diverse range of projects all over the world;
  • A technologically advanced manufacturing facility that uses modern technology for rendering and creating the custom shapes in architectural fiberglass;
  • Direct access to the team to work together on creating the custom shapes as well as the ability to take advantage of their knowledge and skill;
  • Onsite consultations and installation; and
  • Factory direct pricing and shipping that provides a cost advantage over other companies.

Free Estimates for Unique, Custom Architectural Fiberglass Shapes

The entire team of Stromberg Architectural is at your disposal when you work with them on a construction, reproduction, or restoration project. To learn more about how architectural fiberglass is the solution for creating custom shapes and details for your project as well as to receive a free estimate, please fill in our online contact form or call our experienced team at 903-454-0904.

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