Complete Architectural Fiberglass Cornice Systems

The Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass Cornices

If you are looking for a complete solution that offers durable, versatile, and eco-friendly cornice systems, architectural fiberglass is your answer. A complete solution also means more than just offering a cornice. Here’s why.

A Complete Cornice Solution

There are many companies that can design and produce a cornice, including custom cornices, in a wide range of materials, such as architectural fiberglass. While this is helpful, it is only part of what could be a larger solution that helps you save time and money when adding a cornice to your structure or restoring a historical cornice.

Every building and restoration project is different. Even though we do have many stock molds available for cornices, we primarily focus on creating custom cornices that fit our clients’ projects. This means that we can create any type, size, or architectural style for your cornice project.

And, that can be necessary, especially when it comes to a historical restoration project where every detail has to match existing architectural features. Of course, even new construction projects may include a complex set of architectural features that require specialized solutions.

That’s why a complete solution is so much more than the actual cornice. The other parts of the solution we offer that provide you with everything you need includes:

  • On-site molding or molding that is done within a digital environment;
  • Shop, layout, and CAD drawings;
  • On-site consultations and installations; and
  • Back-up framing.

The Stromberg Architectural Advantage for Complete Cornice Solutions

Stromberg Architectural offers many advantages for selecting us as your partner for a complete cornice solution. We are comprised of a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in working in the fields of design, engineering, construction and architecture. They have worked on all types of structures across all architectural styles as well as faced and solved a wide range of building and restoration challenges.

Having direct access to this team as part of your comprehensive cornice solution, including consultation time, is an extremely valuable aspect to the solution. Regular communication and meetings provides a way to ensure that the architectural feature is correct the first time, reducing time and cost on the project.

In addition to the people power, we have one of the most modern manufacturing facilities available today with the most current technology for working with architectural fiberglass. This technology allows for some of the most complex designs and shapes as well as delivers some of the most realistic renderings possible to visualize how the cornice will look prior to production.

Lastly, this complete cornice solution is not expensive, considering all the value it provides. This is because the custom architectural fiberglass cornice solution is provided at factory direct pricing, which means a lower price than other companies that offer standardized cornices.

Free Estimates for Unique, Custom Architectural Fiberglass Cornices

When you need a custom cornice solution, Stromberg Architecture is your go-to team to learn more about how architectural fiberglass addresses all your unique design challenges. To receive a free estimate for your complete cornice solution, please fill in our online contact form or call our experienced team at 903-454-0904.

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