Architectural Fiberglass Rain Gutters

Why Choose Architectural Fiberglass Rain Gutters

While rain gutters have been traditionally made with copper, wood, and aluminum, a new type of rain gutter is offering considerable advantages over these other widely used materials. This innovative solution is architectural fiberglass, which delivers numerous benefits described here.

The Advantages of Architectural Fiberglass Rain Gutters

Unlike wood that ends up needing a lot of maintenance like oiling and painting or that requires replacement because the gutters have become damaged by insects and rot caused by water damage, fiberglass gutters go the distance without the work and need for replacement.

Fiberglass is lighter, yet stronger, and it has the ability to control water rather than the water controlling the gutters. This means that they can also withstand bad weather over the long term. Plus they also have good chemical resistance. Their greater level of corrosion resistance makes them an ideal choice in areas that get considerable rain.  In fact, fiberglass rain gutters have a higher carrying capacity over wood gutters, which provide an even greater advantage in areas where gutters can fill up quickly. Additionally, the lighter weight of the fiberglass rain gutters means less stress on the actual building or structure it is attached to.

Even better, the fiberglass can be made to look like wood down to the grain as well as other traditional rain gutter materials. Or, if it’s preferred the gutters can be made to look like any other material or simply painted any color that is preferred in order to match the color scheme of the house or building. This degree of versatility or flexibility cannot be provided by any other type of rain gutter.

The fiberglass rain gutters are also easy to install, reducing the time it takes for a contractor to put them up. There is no heavy equipment needed to put them into place or complicated anchoring system to ensure that they are secure.

Taken together, all these benefits make fiberglass a cost-effective option for all residential and commercial applications where rain gutters are used. It is a high value solution that does not require the same maintenance, installation, and replacement costs of other materials. It can last for over 25 years without needing paint, oil, or any other maintenance.

While other rain gutters are made with natural resources like wood or require energy-intensive processes to make, architectural fiberglass rain gutters are more environmentally friendly. Architectural fiberglass often is made from a wide array of recycled materials as well as requires less overall materials to accomplish the same task. Also, the fact that less material is required means fewer trips to transport and less energy emitted, providing further ecological benefits

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