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Columns in Architectural Fiberglass

Architectural Fiberglass ColumnsColumns in Architectural Fiberglass by Stromberg Architectural Products

Whether structural or purely aesthetic, columns are virtually timeless as architectural elements. Nearly every Western civilization has used columns to indicate the significance of a particular building. Greeks, Romans, British, French and Americans all use columns to great effect in their state buildings and courthouses.This is due to partly to columns’ architectural function: they can support massive, open spaces. However, with the emergence of post-modern architecture, columns no longer need to serve any architectural purpose and can exist purely aesthetically as a marker of significance and grandeur.

Architectural Fiberglass: A Modern Twist on a Classic Look 

There is no disputing the aesthetic value of classic columns; they have been used for thousands of years, and they will likely be used for thousands more. However, beautiful columns have historically only been available to the very rich and very influential. Fortunately, architectural fiberglass is affordable, available and easy to install. Not only that, architectural fiberglass is actually better suited for our modern times. Architectural fiberglass is resistant to corrosives like smog and acid rain, and since it isn’t porous like stone, it is easy to clean if it is vandalized or carbonized.

Architectural Fiberglass Columns Stand Up to Time

Just like the architecture of antiquity, architectural fiberglass columns are built to last. Whether you choose to install them inside or outside, these columns will surely be standing for years. GFRP columns can stand up to the most violent weather and are resistant to water damage. Furthermore, they will not rot, rust or delaminate over time. They require very little maintenance, and never need to be painted. Architectural fiberglass columns from Stromberg Architectural Products are built to last.

Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass

  • Stromberg GFRP is light-weight, low-maintenance and highly durable.
  • GFRP is affordable and versatile; it can imitate more expensive building materials like marble, gold and granite.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass is extremely weather-resistant.¬† It can stand up to high winds, acid rain and even hurricanes.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass will not rot, corrode or delaminate over time.
  • Architectural fiberglass from Stromberg does not require specialists or experts to install.


The Stromberg Promise

The artisans at Stromberg Architectural Products are here to assist you throughout the entire process to make sure your finished architectural fiberglass columns are made perfectly to your specifications.

Stromberg will help with CAD details, design assistance and specifications. Contact them today at (903)454-0904 for a free custom quote, and get started creating your GFRP columns.

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