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Fountains in Architectural Fiberglass

GFRP FountainsArchitectural Fiberglass Fountains by Stromberg Architectural Products

Fountains are another classic staple of western architecture, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Critical to the Roman estate in particular, fountains were, in many ways, the heart of a family home. A fountain adds a unique, unrivaled element of class and sophistication; even today, fountains are associated with wealth and prestige. Perhaps most famous are the exuberant fountain shows outside of Las Vegas casinos and hotels; but you don’t have to be a high roller to appreciate the beauty of a fountain. Architectural fiberglass fountains from Stromberg Architectural Products provide an affordable fountain solution for your home or business.

The Grace of Water, the Practicality of GFRP

The Romans used cut stone for their fountains, which, while attractive, is extremely expensive. More recently, people have made fountains out of materials like concrete, which, though affordable, is prone to cracking and is difficult to clean. Additionally, a concrete fountain will always look like a concrete fountain. Architectural fiberglass from Stromberg Architectural Products provides a solution to all of these material challenges. Not only is GFRP remarkably affordable, it is also extremely easy to maintain. Concrete is a porous material, which means that any algae that accumulates over time will be nearly impossible to remove. GFRP, however, is not porous, and algae, vandalism or any other marks are easily scrubbed away to keep your architectural fiberglass fountain looking like new. Save money, save time, save effort, with Stromberg.

Stock or Custom Architectural Fiberglass Fountains Are Stunning

Over the years, fountains have followed the many twists and turns of architectural aesthetics and tastes. Stromberg maintains dozens of stock designs of GFRP fountains, but if you can’t find the perfect match for your residence or business, you can always custom order your ideal fountain. When you custom order a product from Stromberg Architectural, you will work closely with an expert designer to create the most perfect fountain for your project. If you can dream it, Stromberg can build it.

Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass: Why Stromberg GFRP?

  • GFRP is light-weight, low-maintenance and highly durable.
  • GFRP is affordable, versatile and can emulate more expensive building materials like marble, gold and granite.
  • Architectural fiberglass is extremely weather-resistant and can stand up to high winds, acid rain and even hurricanes.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass will not rot, corrode or delaminate over time.
  • Architectural fiberglass by Stromberg is easy to clean and maintain.

Let Stromberg Help with Your Next Project

The artisans at Stromberg Architectural Products will work closely with you throughout the process to make sure your finished architectural fiberglass fountain is made perfectly to your specifications.

Stromberg will help with CAD details, design assistance and specifications. Contact them today at (903)454-0904 for a free custom quote, and put their 30 years of experience to work for you.



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