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Elegant Molding in Architectural Fiberglass

Stromberg MoldingArchitectural Fiberglass Molding by Stromberg

It may seem like an issue of semantics, but a room can be a space, or it can be an environment. Picture a room: four walls, at least one door and probably a few windows. However, a room can be more than this. A room can do more than house a certain utility, it can become a unique environment; a place that acts on you, just as much as you act on it. In order to accomplish this, the room must be coherent. It must consistently cultivate a particular tone. While furnishings help, nothing drives this point home quite as efficiently as well placed molding. Although molding takes up much less space than things like art or wallpaper, it is truly the deciding factor between a well-planned and decorated room and a mundane space, and when it comes to molding, no one has a wider selection than Stromberg Architectural Products.

Why Go With Stromberg GFRP Molding?

Most molding is made out of wood, and while wood molding is classic, it suffers more than its fair share of faults. If wooden molding is painted, it must be regularly repainted, as paint will dull and scuff over time. Additionally, wood molding is prone to rot and water damage if there is a leak in the roof. If the room is damp, or poorly ventilated, wood is also susceptible to mold, which left untreated can permanently damage the wood, which would then need to be replaced. Architectural fiberglass, or GFRP, on the other hand, has demonstrated a resistance to rot, mildew and water damage. It rarely requires additional coats of paint, and it is light-weight and easy to install. Even if your roof does spring a leak, architectural fiberglass molding has proven to be resistant to water, and will go right back up into place when you’ve finished your repairs. Make the smart choice, save time and money with Stromberg

GFRP Molding: Style, Substance and Class

Architectural Fiberglass MoldingYou might think that you would sacrifice aesthetics for the convenience of architectural fiberglass, but that would be a mistake. Stromberg Architectural Products boasts the widest selection of GFRP molding patterns anywhere, and if you can’t find a model you like, the expert craftsmen at Stromberg will work with you to custom design a completely original style of GFRP molding for your project. It is important for a room to speak to its own uniqueness, and nothing does that better than the perfect molding.

Stromberg Architectural Fiberglass

  • Architectural fiberglass molding is easy to install.
  • Architectural Fiberglass is extremely strong and durable, yet light-weight.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass is unaffected by water damage, rot or mildew.
  • Stromberg Architectural Products maintains the largest selection of GFRP molding in the world.
  • Work with an expert Stromberg craftsman to custom design your own architectural fiberglass molding.

Using Stromberg Architectural Fiberglass for your Project

The artisans at Stromberg Architectural Products will work closely with you throughout the process to make sure your finished architectural fiberglass molding is made perfectly to your specifications.

Stromberg is here to help with CAD details, design assistance and specifications. Contact them today at (903)454-0904 for a free custom quote.

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