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Architectural Fiberglass Clock Tower Accents

Architectural Fiberglass Project in DallasClock Tower at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, TX

Although we have replaced the practical functions of clock towers with wristwatches and cell phones, their iconographical significance persists. Whether they function as town halls, court houses or college registrar offices, clock towers distinguish important businesses and provide a center of towns and universities. In 1992, Dallas Baptist University commissioned Stromberg Architectural to fabricate custom accents for their new clock tower at the John G. Mahler Student Center.

Clock Tower Challenges and the Stromberg Solution

Traditionally, clock tower accents are crafted from painted wood. However, clock towers are constantly exposed to buffeting winds and corrosive rain, and wood accents therefore require constant maintenance. Even when they are well maintained, wood accents eventually need to be repainted, and will inevitably rot. Dallas Baptist University was aware of these problems with wood clock tower accents, so they made the smart decision: they called Stromberg Architectural. Unlike wood, architectural fiberglass can stand up to the elements with little to no maintenance. Architectural fiberglass will not rot, corrode or delaminate. It does not require painting, nor does it require any other kind of weather proofing.

Historical Homage or Fanciful Dream, Stromberg Can Build It

When Dallas Baptist University considered designs for the John G. Mahler Student Center, they decided they wanted their clock tower to imitate Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Independence Hall is one of the most classic and identifiable buildings in the United States, but Stromberg was able to fabricate a beautiful, architectural fiberglass homage. Whether you want your building to echo a page from history, or you want to bring a new dream to life, the pros at Stromberg Architectural can help you realize your vision.

Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass: Why Stromberg GFRP?

  • GFRP is light-weight, low-maintenance and highly durable.
  • Architectural fiberglass is extremely weather-resistant and can stand up to high winds, acid rain and even hurricanes.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass will not rot, corrode or delaminate over time.

Providing Architectural Fiberglass to Texas

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For More Information on Architectural Fiberglass

For more information on Architectural Fiberglass, visit Stromberg Architectural Products. The experts at Stromberg will help you make your GFRP project a success. They offer design assistance, specifications, and CAD details. If you have questions about Stromberg FRP, the initial consultation is free. Call (903) 454-0904 for more information.

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