Architectural Fiberglass Projects in the Round Rock, Texas Area

Round Rock, Texas Gets Square Architectural Fiberglass Stones

GFRP Project in Round Rock, TXMassive “Stone” Architectural Fiberglass Blocks Distinguish the REI Store in Round Rock, Texas

In 2008, REI, an outdoor outfitting company, constructed a new location in Round Rock, Texas. But REI didn’t want just another retail location, they wanted to make a statement. They wanted a building that reflected the scale of Texas and the boldness of their company, so they contacted Stromberg Architectural. With the aid of the pros at Stromberg, REI built a unique storefront that features distinctive, gigantic sandstone blocks. However, while these megalithic panels appear to be sandstone, they are actually made from architectural fiberglass.

Smart and Affordable, GFRP Lets You Build the Impossible

The scale of the “stone” panels at the REI store in Round Rock, Texas is rivaled only by the great pyramids. If these panels were actually made from sandstone, the cost would be incalculable. Each stone would have to be excavated and cut to size, transported to the location and installed by an expert stoneworker. However, with architectural fiberglass, REI was able to build a near perfect facsimile exactly to their specifications. Avoiding all of the pitfalls and challenges of stonecutting, the pros at Stromberg molded these massive panels out of architectural fiberglass and shipped them to the building site for a pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of using actual stone.

Light-weight, Durable, Stunning: Architectural Fiberglass is the Answer

Any time you work with heavy building materials like stone, metal or concrete, there are countless weight factors that have to be taken into account. In fact, these building materials can require so much architectural support that the original design vision can become obscured. Architectural fiberglass, on the other hand, is light-weight and easy to work with. Furthermore, it does not require an expert mason or stonecutter to install it. You might expect to trade things like durability for convenience, but that is simply not the case. Architectural fiberglass is weather-resistant and water-tight, and it won’t corrode, dissolve or delaminate over time. It can stand up to common corrosives like smog and acid rain. Even hurricanes are no match for architectural fiberglass!

Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass: Why Stromberg GFRP?

  • GFRP is light-weight, low-maintenance and highly durable.
  • Architectural fiberglass is extremely weather-resistant and can stand up to high winds, acid rain and even hurricanes.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass will not rot, corrode or delaminate over time.
  • Architectural fiberglass does not require specialists or experts to install.

Providing Architectural Fiberglass to Texas

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For More Information on Architectural Fiberglass

For more information on Architectural Fiberglass, visit Stromberg Architectural Products. The experts at Stromberg will help you make your GFRP project a success. They offer design assistance, specifications, and CAD details. If you have questions about Stromberg FRP, the initial consultation is free. Call (903) 454-0904 for more information.

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