Architectural Fiberglass Projects in Wisconsin

Architectural Fiberglass Tiled Monastic Domes

GFRP Project in WisconsinSt. John Chrysostomos Monastery, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Situated on a serene 80-acre estate the St. John Chrysostomos Monastery is a sight to behold. This Greek Orthodox monastery, located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, echoes its Grecian roots with elegant, red-tile domes and roofing. However, while the tiled domes appear to be terra-cotta, they are actually architectural fiberglass, or GFRP.

GFRP Can Imitate Any Building Material

Architectural fiberglass is an extremely versatile building material. At the St. John Chrysostomos Monastery, architectural fiberglass is used to imitate terra-cotta tile, but that application barely scratches the surface of the many building materials that GFRP can emulate. Architectural fiberglass can be used to imitate granite, marble, brick, copper, gold or even wood. Many of these traditional building materials are expensive, heavy and difficult to work with. Architectural fiberglass looks just like the real thing, and comes pre-fabricated and ready to install.

Better Than the Original: Architectural Fiberglass is Low-maintenance and Tough

Terra cotta is a classic, red, earthy clay, but it is notoriously difficult to maintain. Terra cotta is extremely porous, and it has a tendency to accumulate moss and fungus. Furthermore, like any clay, terra-cotta is brittle, and will break easily with extreme changes in temperature or concussive force. Even a hailstorm is enough to shatter terra-cotta tiles, and once they’re broken, they can be difficult and expensive to replace. Architectural fiberglass can look just like terra-cotta tile, but it is weather-resistant and extremely tough. Architectural fiberglass can stand up to hurricanes, let alone hail storms. Moreover, since it is not porous, it will not accumulate moss and fungus like terra-cotta tile. Better than the original, architectural fiberglass lasts longer with less maintenance.

Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass: Why Stromberg GFRP?

  • GFRP is light-weight, low-maintenance and high-impact.
  • Architectural fiberglass is water-tight, and will not leak.
  • Architectural fiberglass is extremely weather-resistant and can stand up to high winds, acid rain and even hurricanes.
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass can be customized to imitate almost any building material.

Providing Architectural Fiberglass to Wisconsin.

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For More Information on Architectural Fiberglass

For more information on Architectural Fiberglass, visit Stromberg Architectural Products. The experts at Stromberg will help you make your GFRP project a success. They offer design assistance, specifications, and CAD details. If you have questions about Stromberg FRP, the initial consultation is free. Call (903) 454-0904 for more information.

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