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Niches by Stromberg Architectural

Architectural Fiberglass Niches Though often overlooked, one of the signature architectural features of the Italian renaissance was the wall niche. This simple note provides space to display art without cluttering a hall or room while protecting sculptures and other artworks from immediate contact with guests or patrons. Niches can be used to house sculptures, vases, […]

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Architectural Fiberglass Restoration in Manhattan

Turning Back the Clock for the Container Store In 1996, the Container Store wanted to open a new location in Manhattan, NY, but when you’re walking into one of the oldest and most prestigious retail locations in America, you can’t just set up shop; you need to make a statement. The folks behind the Manhattan […]

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Entryway Renovation and Restoration

Renovation and Restoration of Entryways with Architectural Fiberglass Regardless of whether you are designing a hotel, a casino, a church or a courthouse, an entryway is a first impression. It sets the tone for the building, and provides visitors a sense of the space they are about to enter. However, since entryways see so much […]

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