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World Class Brackets in Architectural Fiberglass

GFRP BracketsArchitectural Fiberglass Brackets by Stromberg

Brackets are a simple, architectural necessity. At their barest root, a bracket is an L-shaped support that reinforces ceilings, windows, balconies or just about anything that needs partial support from the bottom, but doesn’t require a full joist. However, a bracket can be more than its utility: it can make a statement. They might not be suitable for every project, but if you want to add the finishing touches to an upscale establishment like a university building or a casino, you’re going to need some classy brackets, and no one does classy brackets like Stromberg Architectural.

Why Go With GFRP Brackets? 

In the past, brackets were made out of wood, and while wood brackets are classic, they suffer more than their fair share of faults. If wooden brackets are painted, they must be regularly repainted, as paint will dull and scuff over time. Additionally, wood brackets are prone to rot and water damage if there is a leak in the roof. If the room is damp, or poorly ventilated, wood is also susceptible to mold, which left untreated can permanently damage the wood, which would then need to be replaced. Architectural fiberglass, on the other hand, has been proven to resist rot or delamination over time. It never requires additional coats of paint, and it is light-weight and easy to install. Make the smart choice, save time and money with Stromberg Architectural fiberglass brackets.

GFRP Brackets: Style, Substance and Class

You might think that you would sacrifice aesthetics for the convenience of architectural fiberglass, but that would be a mistake. Stromberg Architectural Products boasts the widest selection of GFRP bracket patterns anywhere, and if you can’t find a model you like, the expert craftsmen at Stromberg  will work with you to custom design a completely original style of GFRP bracket for your project. It is important for a room to speak to its own uniqueness, and Stromberg brackets do that perfectly.

Features and Benefits of Architectural Fiberglass

  • Architectural fiberglass brackets are easy to install.
  • Architectural Fiberglass is extremely strong and durable, yet light-weight
  • Stromberg architectural fiberglass is resistant to water damage, rot and mildew.
  • Stromberg Architectural Products maintains the largest selection of GFRP brackets in the world.
  • Work with an expert Stromberg craftsman to custom design your own architectural fiberglass brackets.

The artisans at Stromberg Architectural Products will work closely with you throughout the process to make sure your finished architectural fiberglass brackets are made perfectly to your specifications.

Stromberg is here to help with CAD details, design assistance and specifications. Contact them today at (903)454-0904 for a free custom quote, and put their 30 years of experience to work for you.

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