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Architectural Fiberglass Cupolas

Stromberg Cupolas in Architectural Fiberglass A variant of the exterior dome, cupolas are dome-like structures, often crowned with a sharp point, which has been historically used to designate important structures. Cupolas are used either to cap a tower-like structure, or to distinguish the top of a dome. Some cupolas are purely aesthetic, while others function […]

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Architectural Fiberglass Cupolas for Government Buildings

Captivating Cupolas from Stromberg A staple of church architecture, cupolas have become a popular feature for everything from government buildings to private residences. Cupolas typically adorn the tops of buildings, but they can also be freestanding structures. Unlike a normal dome, cupolas vent the ceiling, and provide access to natural light. The Challenge of Cupolas, […]

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Cupolas in Architectural Fiberglass

The Industry Leader in Quality Cupolas A Cupola is a small dome structure that rests on top of a building. First used in Islamic architecture during the 8th century, this structure has both practical and decorative functions. A cupola is usually shaped like a hemisphere. It can be a dome, or a more pointed shape […]

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